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The 2014 Brazil World Cup match into a third day today

 The 2014 Brazil World Cup match into a third day today, a total of Group C and Group D four games played, the lack of a tiger's Columbia 3 ball win over Greece, Togo contribution to this The fastest World Cup goal (5 minutes, Armero); COte d'Ivoire 2-1 victory over Asian hegemon Japan, Asia team lost two games the whole; the last World Cup four strong upset 1-3 loss to lowly Costa Rica, Uruguay, and the game also gave birth to the World Cup's first red card; Anglo-Italian battle Balotelli played the Terminator, helping the Azzurri 2-1 victory over rivals Pakistan today successfully boarded God's headlines. Colombia 3-0 win over Greece. Despite the lack of a Tiger Falcao, most of the players from the European leagues Colombia forfeit win Euro 2004 champions Greece, Armero scored the opening five minutes of becoming the fastest World Cup goal, the previous record was Marcelo in the opener scored an own goal.


Uruguay 1-3 loss to Costa Rica. 4 strong as the last World Cup, Uruguay were high hopes, although the first break, but was eventually reversed lowly Costa Rica, broke the biggest upset since the start; while the game is also the birth of her first red card since the start, injury time, Uruguay Tetsuei Maxi - Pereira Campbell retaliatory kick opposing players sent off by the referee. Italy 2-1 victory over England. As the highlight of the game today, called Anglo-Italian war since the start of the most gold of the contest, opening the second half Balotelli scored only four minutes of the final achievement lore, became the game's brightest star, but after the game in Italy Pakistani media exposure this summer will be the message of God's will be sold to the Italian striker thoroughly to seize the headlines. Cote d'Ivoire 2-1 in Japan. As Asia's hegemon, the Japanese team in the World Cup debut much attention, opening soon Keisuke Honda helped Japan to break the deadlock, but just five minutes after the debut of Warcraft Cote d'Ivoire will go-ahead score and eventually held until the end of the whole game; Following 14 after the date of Australia (1-2 Chile), the Japanese team became lost the first battle since the start of the second branch of the Asian teams. (Altman)