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If you adorned Fifa 15 Coins

  If you adorned Fifa 15 Coins reliving the exciting canicule of the Vietnam war - and were abiding you do - youll be admiring to see these latest shots of Fifa 14 Ps3 Coins Vietcong 2, the aftereffect to 2003s jungle-based shooter.

This time annular players are flung into the bosom of the 1968 Tet Offensive, which took abode in and about the age-old city-limits of Hue, during which you accept to escort a US war reporter.Were promised burghal battles - set aloft 14 locations - that are based on complete events, with single-player campaigns for both the US and Vietcong, while a multiplayer access will acquiesce for aggregation battles for up to 64 players.Vietcong 2 will be arise for PC this winter