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Spain coach Vicente del Bosque next to open a news conference

 Spain coach Vicente del Bosque next to open a news conference, he had been living in Brazil it. Good start to the game, but you have to see them train it? We have 13 trained two friendlies, now we feel good. Teams are also in the plan, we are quite optimistic about the start of the game. Asked by a reporter wearing a Dutch team jersey to Bosque Oranje whether he was afraid. The Spanish coach smiled: We do not feel afraid, but we have considerable respect for the Dutch team, because they created their own genre, but also the last World Cup runner-up. For Diego - Costa and Juan - Fran this two injury-plagued players, the game can be considered easy. Juan - Fran in good condition, and there is no longer any pain, which can be considered good news, like Costa same.


Costa played well, but after some time did not match up, is why we hope that he will be able to play for a while, good to prepare for the World Cup. Del Bosque then let us quite relieved: He just from the point of bulbs. Subsequently mentioned is David Villa scored twice, which Bosque said: in a small range attack, David Villa is still one of the world's best strikers. For the game the most delightful and most people uncomfortable, Del Bosque said: What makes me unhappy is that we lack the coherence of the game, and the lack of a quasi-head in the final pass. Most of it makes me happy that we did a good job defensively, basically did not give them much chance. In the game we take the initiative, even though I do not ask so every game, but I do not think we will lose the initiative, and I will substitutions. The coach of El Salvador, the Spanish Roca (Albert Roca) in the conference was strongly praised El Salvador media.